Having experience bullying in school, I can relate to a certain extent with 13 Reasons Why.

It’s bad enough to be picked on based on appearance, speech and very untrue rumors.  What made matters worse that those that were in a position of authority, such as teachers, were too chicken sh*t to really do anything to stop it.

As I approach my fifties, those memories are still there.  Now, they don’t sting as much…if at all…as they did back then, but they are STILL there.

By the way, some of those who went along with it are on my friends list.  Heck, some of them may be reading this.

13 Reasons Why is a heart-wrenching story about how one deals with life and what it throws at you.  If you’ve been lied on, you will get angry.  If you’ve been picked on, you will get angry.  If you’ve been sexually assaulted, you will get angry.  If none of the above things happened to you, you will still bet angry.

Highly recommended.